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Ultimate Instagram Daily Hashtags Guide: Monday and Tuesday Hashtags to Boost Your Brand

Top brands and businesses use hashtags to reach new audiences, inspire content pillars and as key contributors in their social media strategies. Using specific daily hashtags is a powerful way to humanize your brand and connect with ideal audiences online,

Instagram Hashtags

Top brands and businesses use hashtags to reach new audiences, inspire content pillars and as key contributors in their social media strategies. Using specific hashtags is a powerful way to humanize your brand and connect with ideal audiences online, increase brand awareness in your niche and build meaningful relationships with others in complementary industries.

Besides using them, many brands also follow these hashtags. They’re a great place to look for inspiration, information or to remain as active within complementary communities. But with so many hashtags out in the Instagram world, how on earth can you possibly know which ones to use?

All the Daily Hashtags You Need to Know

We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to Instagram daily hashtags, covering a range from 20,000 to over one million galleries. Examples for integrating these hashtags into your brand’s social media strategy are included.

Special Note: Keep in mind that each of these hashtags will have slightly different audiences and uses. Like with any hashtag strategy, it’s a good idea to use a variation of hashtag types, volumes and audience targets. We wouldn’t recommend using all of these hashtags as we have listed them below, but have a look for yourself and decide which of the hashtags are a good fit for your brand.

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Here you have it – all the best Instagram daily hashtags in one place!

Monday Hashtags

#Mondaymantra #Mondaymotivation #Mondaymood #Mondayblues #Mondayfunday #Shootfilmonmondays #meatfreemonday #Mondaymemories #Mondaymadness #Mindfulmonday #Manicmonday #Marketingmonday #Mancrushmonday (#mcm) #Musicmonday


Mondays can be tough. Heading back to work, reminiscing about the weekend just passed and the dreaded morning commute. To increase a post’s discoverability, use the hashtag #Mondaymantra. This will get your content in front of Instagrammers looking for a boost to kick off their week!

Mantras can include inspiring quotes, short video clips from your brand’s team, ‘pep-talk’ styled captions and more.


Is your brand in the marketing field? Use #marketingmonday to share insightful marketing tips, your brand’s latest marketing win or a new trend on the scene.


On the flipside, if your brand (or your client’s brand) isn’t afraid to poke fun at the intense surge of work, pressure, and franticness that Mondays conjure, opt for the opposite.

#Manicmonday is one of those hashtags that unites users and prepares Instagrammers for the whirlwind, that is, the start of the week. It’s a great way to help humanize a brand and resonate with all of those Monday feels.


If you can’t wait until #Throwbackthursday or #Flashbackfriday, #Mondaymemories is the hashtag you’ll want to use. Whether your brand is reflecting on an old system, previous co-workers, ‘the good old days’ or an earlier project, use this hashtag to connect with others in the conversation.


Who doesn’t love a good tune to start the week? Musicians and marketers alike use the #Musicmonday hashtag to share their newest tracks, office playlists, and even the latest musical fashion trends.

Does your brand have a muse in the music industry? Do you listen to a particular artist at your desk? Maybe music is a hot topic in your organization! Then this is one of the Monday hashtags destined to start a conversation.

Tuesday Hashtags

#Tuesdaythoughts #Transformationtuesday #Tuesdaytip #Tuesdaytruth #Tuesdaytreat #Tuesdaytrivia #Turtletuesday #Tuesdaytunes #Tuesdaytakeover #Tongueouttuesday #Tattootuesday #Traveltuesday #Goodnewstuesday #Tastingtuesday


Valuable content and Instagram go together like macaroni and cheese. AKA perfectly. So, sharing insider tips on Instagram is a brilliant way to build trust with your audience, position your brand as an expert and become a knowledge base for followers.

Are informative posts one of your brand’s content pillars? If so, try out using #Tiptuesday. To decide on what type of tip to share, think about the problems your brand’s audience faces. Then publish a post providing the answer or an innovative solution.


Does your brand’s audience love a little naughty indulgence? Then satisfy their cravings with permission to tuck into something tasty. And if you’re in the food and beverage industry, #Tuesdaytreat speaks for itself.


For those in the travel industry, no doubt you read up on our piece about standing out on Instagram as a travel brand. In saying that, #Traveltuesday is one of the Tuesday hashtags we love for all kinds of businesses and brands.

Try using this hashtag to showcase places your brand has visited for work, a destination your audience can’t get enough of or customers who live in far-flung locales.


No matter if your brand is an eco-warrior, waste-minimizer, or an advocate for animals, #Turtletuesday has a multitude of uses (while also being pretty freaking cute). Share turtle facts, information, inspiration or simply a good old fashioned Finding Nemo flashback.


Stepping out from the comfort of surface level content and diving deeper into your own brand values can help you build stronger relationships with your audience and spark insightful conversations.

Play your part and get your audience thinking and discuss issues important to your brand with the Tuesday hashtag, #Tuesdaythoughts.

Wednesday Hashtags

#Wednesdaywisdom #Wednesdayworkout #Wednesdaywords #Wednesdaywellness #Winitwednesday #Waterfallwednesday #Whiskerswednesday #Whiskeywednesday #Weddingwednesday #Womancrushwednesday (#wcw) #Waybackwednesday

Photo by Callie Morgan


Fitness brands on Instagram use #wednesdayworkout to share a variety of exercise routines, inspiring followers to stay on track even on burger days.


Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy you a pretty epic wedding. As one of the more romantic Wednesday hashtags, on #weddingwednesday share the love.

Whether your brand is in the industry, you’re getting married yourself, or you just know your Instagram audience swoons over lovers – use this hashtag to bring out your brand’s softer side midweek. Because when love is in the air, everyone feels like they’re on cloud nine.


Reckon your audience needs a pick-me-up when the week meets the halfway mark? Having the chance to win an epic prize should do the trick! #Winitwednesday is used to launch giveaways so why not try a new type.

Are you sick of the loop giveaway layout? Plan ahead and map out a treasure hunt on your feed, where entrants must go back and find a range of items, like your photo or video and share snippets to their following with your branded hashtag. Try a ‘caption this’ styled giveaway or a series of questions using the poll feature in Instagram Stories.


Wednesdays are notoriously known as the week’s most annoying speed bump. To help lift the mood, many hospitality and beverage brands use #whiskeywednesday lightheartedly. United by a love for a sneaky hump-day drop, if your audience loves whiskey, then they’ll love seeing your input.

Share your brand’s latest whiskey product, a staff party throwback or even an inviting whiskey sipping setup.


Wellness of the mind, body and soul is a hot topic of discussion across a range of industries. So this makes #wellnesswednesday one of the Wednesday hashtags any brand can get involved in.

Using this hashtag to remind your audience about taking care of themselves and their health is a comforting way to show that your brand truly cares about its audience.

Thursday Hashtags

#Thursdaythoughts #Thursdaythrowpillows #Handtoolthursday #Throwbackthursday (#TBT) #Tacothursday #Thoughtfulthursday #Thursdaytreat #Thirstythursday #Thankfulthursday #Thursdate #Thursdayvibes #Thursdayquotes #Thursdayparty #Thursdaymorning #Thursdaynight


Does your brand offer the perfect ‘date ready’ products? Are you heading out to a meeting with a potential client or indulging in a date for one? Then share all that goodness in a cutesy post, bound to give your audience the ultimate heart-eyes.


It seems there is an hashtag for almost anything. And with close to 50k of posts, #handtoolthursday is no exception. Is your brand in the woodworking industry? Use this hashtag to show off your handiwork, showcase workshop attendees and share your latest tools with others in the same industry.


#Thursdaythrowpillows is a popular hashtag for interior designers, office decorators, and DIY brands on Instagram. Users seek inspiration for personal projects and homes by browsing through a variety of throw pillows. Be creative and include a branded cushion in your spread to attract more attention.


Okay, we’re dubbing #tacothursday the best of the Thursday hashtags and our favourite day of the week.

Celebrate with other taco fans, share an out of office taco party or simply publish some serious eye candy from a taco brand (Mt Kisco Diner, we could kiss you). And if your audience isn’t into it? They’re nacho people.


Sending out good vibes makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. So if you’re ever looking for a healthy dose of the good stuff, look no further than the #thoughtfulthursday hashtag.

Or go one better and use the truly caring hashtag for your own brand. Share advice, inspiration or a thoughtful act of kindness your brand has recently made. Think: Donations, sponsorships or volunteering at local charity events.

Friday Hashtags

#Fridayfeeling #Fridayvibes #Fridayintroductions #Fridaysforfuture #Fridayfeels #Fridayfunny #Fridayflowers #Fanartfriday #Fridayfitness #Blackfriday #Fitfriday #TGIF #Fearlessfriday #Foodiefriday #Fridayfacts


Who doesn’t love food? No one, that’s who. #Foodiefriday is one of those Friday hashtags that everyone loves to scroll through, explore and love on, especially if the edible creations captured blow your freaking mind.

A quick tip when using this hashtag? Get creative and post the crème de la crème of your foodie snaps. With an audience of passionate food enthusiasts, standing out could pay off big time.


What better way to celebrate the end of the week with some fresh blooms? Florists, decorators and those lucky enough to have a bouquet delivered to their desk all use the #fridayflowers hashtag and you can too.

From office decorations and outdoor arrangements right through to fabric prints and accessories, use this hashtag on Fridays and share the petal-love.


Fridays are giggle material alone – no matter if it’s been a hectic week, weekend plans are in motion or a night of Netflix is on the cards. Flex your silly bone and share a joke, witty one-liner or #epicfail from the week passed to show your audience that your brand is human too.


Did news just drop in your industry? Have a fact that needs to be told? Is it time a myth was finally debunked by your brand for the Instagram world to see?

Use one of the more truthful Friday hashtags to share insightful information with your audience.

As a clever engagement booster, try asking your audience to guess a fact from three options, then reveal the answer the following day. It’s a powerful conversation starter and a non-sleazy way to boost engagement.


Loverboy’s 1981 hit says everyone works for the weekend, so tapping into Friday vibes can benefit your brand. End of the week brings a need for escape. Share luxurious, indulgent, or over-the-top content to inspire hope and a sense of possibility in your audience.

Saturday Hashtags

#Saturdaybrunch #Saturdaystyle #Saturdayshenanigans #Saturdayselfie #Saturdaynightfever #Caturday #Saturdaysale #Saturdayshoutout #Saturdayswag #Saturdayrun #Saturdayfun #Saturdaymotivation #Saturdayparty #Selfcaresaturday #Saturdayshopping #Screenshotsaturday


For the fashionistas among us, #Saturdaystyle is a go-to for Saturday Instagram hashtags. This hashtag curates a brilliant and eclectic collection of stylish imagery. Try using it and show off your brand’s newest releases, ambassadors of your apparel or a ‘this or that’ styled carousel.


Widely used in the tech and ‘gamer’ space, #Screenshotsaturday can be used to show sneak peeks of game developments, gamer progress, and storytelling insights.

If you’re in the gaming industry, use this hashtag to connect with other passionate gamers.


Time-sensitive sales are an effective way to encourage your brand’s audience to make impulse purchases. So, try running a sale that lasts for Saturday only. No matter if you’re a product-based or service-based brand, the #saturdaysale hashtag is worth a try.


Giving shoutouts to other brands, accounts, and people can help you make new connections. You can shoutout your product, another brand, or a business you like. This can lead to getting shoutouts in return, exposing your brand to more people.


Widely used by Instagrammers making new purchases, get in on the action by promoting your own brand. Simultaneously, you’ll be joining a community of people ready to buy and perhaps even snag a new customer in the process. What’s there to lose?

Sunday Hashtags

#Spotlightsunday #Sciencesunday #Sundayvibes #Sundayscaries #Sundayfunday #Sundaybaking #Pancakesunday #Supersoulsunday #Startupsunday #Sundaysweat #Sundayreads #Sundaybest #Sundaydinner #Sundaysesh #Sundayhike #Sundayroast


We truly give it to those who choose to sweat on a Sunday, after all, isn’t it the day of rest? Celebrate the active lovers amongst us and show them some loving with this Instagram hashtag. Activewear brands, gyms, PTs and exercise classes can get in on this one too.


New office members, product offerings or a snippet from your latest project – these are all worthy of a #Spotlightsunday! Zone in on an area your brand wants to focus on and dedicate an entire post to sharing the specifics. Because everyone loves shining a little light on those who make a difference.


Celebrate new brands with this Sunday hashtag, whether it’s yours or one you admire. Consider starting a Startup Series like Female Tech Leaders if it fits your brand.


One for the spiritual brands, #Supersoulsunday taps into self-love, discovery, and gratitude. Inspired by Oprah’s popular series, use this hashtag to share insightful information and inspiration about your brand that deeply resonates with your audience.


No Instagram hashtag roundup is complete without #pancakesunday. A stack of pancakes can promote self-care, crockery brands, food photographers, hospitality establishments, time off, or spoiling someone special. Let the scrolling begin!

Wrap Up

Understanding the various types of Instagram hashtags is crucial for engaging with broader audiences on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Utilize pertinent hashtags to tap into specific user searches, enhancing your content’s visibility and reach. Ensure each post features a diverse and fitting hashtag assortment. For more insights on maximizing your social media presence, explore resources at SocialGreg.


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