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Super.Com Reviews: Read Before You Book Your Next Hotel Stay 

Super.Com Reviews is a legitimate site for hotel bookings.  Many well-known sites have endorsed it. These sites include Bloomberg, Forbes, The New York Times, TechCrunch, and Yahoo. Furthermore, Hussein Fazal and Henry Shi are well-known businessmen. Forbes has listed them in Forbes 30 Under 30. They own and run the company. The most significant development is that reviews have raised money from 27 investors. Among them is the NBA star Steph Curry.

Super.Com Reviews Could Make Any Mistakes That Complicated

As an intermediary, handles your booking and collects your payment. They do this, not the hotel you book with. 

So, your contract is with reviews, not your hotel. Thus, your hotel has no duties to help you.

If something goes wrong between you and your hotel, you must contact They will contact the hotel for you and give you updates.

And if there are mishaps, this (’s involvement) is why things might get complicated.

Reservation Problems with Super.Com Reviews

The hotel might not acknowledge or respect your reservation. Booking with reviews or any other online travel service is risky.

Sometimes, the reservation you made fails. It does not get into the hotel’s booking system.

Yet, this happens when there is high demand for rooms. The hotel will “bump” people who paid the least. They paid through an online travel company like Then, the hotel sells the rooms to others who pay. 

Super.Com Reviews Has No Control Over The Hotel’s Standards or Services provides images, reviews, and other info about hotels. They help you understand what hotels are like. But, remember, as a third party, they have no control over the service and standards of the institution.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much. This is if the hotel you booked through fails you. It looked more lovely than it looked in the listing.

In such a scenario, you should expect a refund from something other than reviews. Since the hotel isn’t in charge of your reservation, don’t expect it to give you a refund either. 

In general, we decline refunds for non-refundable reservations under all circumstances.

No matter what might interfere with your travel plans. If you book a non-refundable reservation with Super, they usually deny refunds.

Super.Com Reviews: Should I use to book hotels or directly?

Since every alternative has pros and cons. The decision ultimately depends on luxury, tastes, and budget. Booking directly with hotels is a better alternative if you value flexibility in your reservation. Moreover, direct communication more than possible savings.

However, you should use to book hotels if you value potential savings more than personal interaction. Additionally, if are prepared to face any hassles that may occur in the event of a problem.

Just be careful to check the costs of booking hotels directly instead of through Moreover, use if the savings after subtracting all taxes and charges are significant. In any other case, making direct reservations with the hotel is advised. 

No Refunds under any condition

Booking with Super can be like picking a fun flavor of ice cream! But if you pick the flavor that says “no take-backsies,” you won’t be able to get a different flavor, even if your plans change. This means you can’t get your money back if you can’t go on your trip.

Things to Keep in Mind is legit and often saves you money on hotels. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Dealing with problems might be trickier because they act as a middleman between you and the hotel.


There’s a slight chance the hotel might not recognize your reservation. It’s best to call and confirm after booking. has no control over the hotel’s quality. The pictures might not match reality.


Non-refundable bookings mean no refunds, even if your plans change.


In conclusion, reviews are reputable. It often has better prices than booking with hotels. has a drawback. It might complicate things if something goes wrong. Or if you need changes, cancellations, or a refund.

Also, reviews face the risk of the hotel ignoring your reservation. It has little control over the hotel’s service quality.

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