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Kulhad Pizza Couple: The Latest Mms Controversy On Instagram

Kulhad Pizza Couple

Kulhad Pizza Couple: Last year, there was a story going around online about the Kulhad pizza couple in India. Moreover, they make yummy pizza in clay cups. But there was also some not-so-nice news mixed in. Moreover, it’s important to know that sometimes everyone problems online, and this situation is one of them.

Who is Kulhad Pizza Couple?

Kulhad Pizza Couple also known as Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur are a happily married couple in Jalandhar. Moreover, they went viral because of there business. Furthermore, in 2022, a YouTuber named Harsimran Singh covered their food business. Additionally, this led to a viral video with 4.9 million likes. Furthermore, in 2023, the kulhad pizza couple launched their own influencer career. Moreover, they both have a combined following of 1.8 million followers on instagram.

What is Kulhad Pizza?

Kulhad is a clay pot in which Indian people drink tee. Kulhad Pizza is when the pizza is cooked inside of the clay pot or a kulhad. Moreover, it is created with a pizza slice and one can eat it with a spoon. Furthermore, it is hot and gooey and baked from the inside. Moreover, the recipe for this kulhad pizza is a tradition and makes people insane. Furthermore, it is a popular fast food item that is sold across India.

What is Behind the Controversy?

The Kulhad Pizza Couple faced a controversy when one of their personal video came out. Moreover, the video caused backlash and was spread very much in the year 2023.

Furthermore, many users on Instagram jumped at the opportunity. Moreover, they made many memes of the Kulhad pizza couple’s video. Furthermore, it became a very hot topic to discuss the internet. Moreover, they gained criticism from many internet users. While many others shared their video and performed the shameful act of privacy breach.

Where Did the video come from?

Firstly the kulhad pizza couple video circulated on telegram in september 2023. Moreover, it gained many views on telegram and Twitter or X as well. But all the posts got removed afterward, as they harmed the policy of platforms.

Is The Kulhad Pizza Video Real?

Moreover, the Kulhad pizza couple reported that they were not in the video. Whereas, others are convinced that the Kulhad pizza couple is in the video. Moreover, the couple claimed that the AI generated this video and it was a deepfake AI video.

Moreover, Kulhad Pizza Couple claimed that someone was trying to blackmail them. Furthermore, they received their video as a message, a few days before stream. Furthermore, the video was paired with a few threats to their career.

What Does Kulhad Pizza Couple has to say about this?

Earlier, Sehaj posted a message on his YouTube channel about the controversial film that had leaked. Moreover, he asked for support from the public. Additionally, he asked them to refrain from sharing the video any further. Moreover, in a video he said, I won’t get into if the video is authentic or not. Let’s instead concentrate on the terrible situation we’re in.

Additionally, he added my wife had surgery two days ago. Our house, which ought to be a happy place, is devoid of happiness. We don’t know what the future brings, so we live in uncertainty. Please refrain from sharing the video any further, everyone. Our baby was born four days ago, and my wife is in a very upsetting situation right now, which makes caring for her very difficult. What happened to us is a scenario that anyone may encounter. I ask that you take a moment to put yourself in my position.


The rumor spread about the Couple has caused controversy on the internet. Moreover, Couple is more than just a culinary delight. If you are a foodie then you should taste the pizza delivered by the Kulhad Pizza Couple. Furthermore, uncertainties are there in everyone’s life. But we as a responsible citizen should bot share their personal videos. And moreover maintain their privacy at any cost. Content such like that is not encouraged to be share. Moreover, it can be explicit or senstive material and should be avoid. 

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