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Karan Nath: Yeh Dil Aashikana Movie Fame Goes in Depression

Karan Nath

You might remember Rikku Rakesh Nath. The one who was the manager of Madhuri Dixit for a very long time. Moreover, we should say you helped Madhuri Dixit earn fame. Furthermore, Rakesh Nath was known for handling the careers of many big heroines not only Madhuri Dixit. But ironically his son name Karan Nath was not able to make a successful career in Bollywood. Moreover, you might as well know Karan Nath who was the lead role in Yeh Dil Aashikana movie. His father had high hopes for him after his debut. Additionally, his charming looks as well as good good-looking physique helped in gain that overnight. Karan Nath’s father was dreaming of his child to rule the Bollywood industry but all shattered. Let us learn why Karan Nath was not able to make a successful career in Bollywood.

Learn More About Karan Nath

Name Karan Nath
Profession Model/Actor
Famous Roles Yeh Dil Ashiqanna
Height 5’10”
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black
Debut Child actor in Mr India
Sameer malhotra as in Paagalpan
Big Boss Contestant
Date of Birth 24th May 1983
Age Not Known
Birthplace Mumbai
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Nationality Indian
hometown Mumbai
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Unmarried
Father Rakesh Nath
Mother Reema Rakesh Nath
Sisters Dakshina Nath and Shaina Nath
Grandfather D.K. Sapru

Karan Nath’s Career

Karan Nath’s debut film was a hit. But his career did not benefit from that. One by one all of his films started flopping. Moreover, he was now listed as one of the flop actors. Additionally, Karan Nath has also worked in many films, a few are listed below:

  • Pagalpan
  • LOC Kargil
  • Tum
  • Tera Kya Hoga Johnny

But all of them were a fop and didn’t help him in his career. Furthermore, Karan Nath suddenly became anonymous from Bollywood and cinema. With this Karan Nath started to live in depression because of his continuous failure. Furthermore, he discussed this in one of the interviews in 2003. Moreover, with the release of Pagalpan, his father had high hopes. but all went into vain when the film flopped. Pagalpan flopped badly, moreover, people cursed the actors for their bad acting. Moreover, the failure of the film brought depression into the life of Karan.

Karan Nath Comeback

Later Karan took charge of his career and tried to re-establish himself with the movie Yeh Dil Aashikana. Moreover, the film was a hit but not Karan’s career. Furthermore, he remained unemployed for a very long time. Additionally, he tried and appeared in the film OK Jaanu in a small role. But how bad Karan’s bad luck is! Ok, Jaanu was also a flop. Furthermore, after all of this happening for years, his career is on hold.

About Karan Nath Family?

Karan’s father is a film producer while his mother Reema Prakash a film writer. His late grandfather, D.K. Sapru, was also a well-known actor. Moreover, he has worked in more than 300 films. A few of the films in which his grandfather had a lead role are mentioned below:

  • Pakeezah
  • Ghulam
  • Heer Raanjha
  • Adalat
  • Judge
  • Faraar
  • Defence Lawyer

Moreover, he adds that coming from a film family background comes with responsibility and pressure as well. Furthermore, he adds that he wants to surprise his family with his different avatars in Big Boss House. Yes, you heard it right he is going to be there in Big Boss. Moreover, let us learn more about Karan Nath and his entry into Big Boss OTT.

Big Boss OTT

In 2021 Karan Nath was one of the contestants of Big Boss OTT. Moreover, being a struggling actor he just earned fame through his Instagram posts. Big Boss OTT is one of the shows where many of the other actors like him come to turn their tables. In 2021, Big Boss OTT was aired on Jio Cinema on the 8th of August. Moreover, this time the host of the show was not Salman Khan but Karan Johar. 

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